Perception  InMotion

Is an idea founded on the  1st  October 2013  by Thabiso Mailula on the premise that,  ‘there is  no reality only perception’  and that  ‘motion is  motivation’.  In essence  through our  senses we  take in  information  from  our surroundings  which has absolutely no meaning other than the meaning we chose to give it.  Our interpretation of this information  creates certain emotions within us that  propel  us  to  take certain  actions and  the actions  we  take can also create emotions in us  that  influence how we see things,  thus creating our experience of life!

Our Vision

To infuse people all over the world with feelings or emotions that will stimulate them to be the change they want to be.

Our Mission

To empower, inspire and motivate people to make the changes they want in their lives, relationships and the world they live in.

Our Philosophy

There’s no reality, only PERCEPTION and MOTION is motivation. #PerceptionInMotion

Our Motto

Change your Perception, change your Life.